Saturday, September 29, 2012

I want my back, back

My back has been bothering me again lately.  It was sore all day Sun and Mon so I decided it was time to go to a chiropractor.  There is one a block away, so I made an appointment.  Went in Thursday, and she did scans on my spine and neck, and pressed down looking for sore spots.  My lower back was particularly sore, and just laying on the chiro bed hurt.

Went in today to review my scans and have my first adjustments.  Surprisingly, the bad spots were not in my lower back, but in my neck area.  Seems that can cause problems elsewhere as my body tries to compensate.  The adjustment was different from the last time I went to a chiro.  That was probably 10 years ago. Rather than 'cracking' my bones, pressing on the spine and snapping my neck, she use a tool that pressed on specific spots. 

My spine was not particularly cooperative, so she did one old time adjustment, and did get a small crack from my spine.  Have to go in 3 times a week for the first month, then I get scanned again.

My shoulders are a little stooped, and my right hip is raised.  It's not noticeable, and I was picturing a little old lady all hunched over and bent.  Don't want to be her. :)

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