Saturday, July 7, 2012

Much needed rain

Well, the weatherman was correct today.  Thunder storm, lightning and rain.  Unfortunately, I was out walking when it started.  Parked at Fairy Lake as usual, then walked north on the trail. Was about 10 minutes from the car when it started. Only spitting, so no big deal. Went over to the car, ditched the water and grabbed the brolly.  Headed south, and part way down, the sky opened up.  Cut the walk short and headed back.

Just before the heavy rain started, I saw my first deer in I don't know how long.  It was in the long grass and was completely out of site by the time I got the camera out of my pocket.  Oh well.  Only walked for a couple of minutes after that when I decided to turn around  due to the wind and rain and head back to the car.  My shoes were so wet I felt like I was walking through a swamp.  My pants were stuck to my legs.  Totally gross feeling. Did manage to get 2 hours in though. 

Now I'm home, dry, and having my coffee.  What to do?  Go through all the crap in the unused dining room and re-arrange things? Go through one of the many boxes that have been in the basement since I moved 6 years ago?  Won't even mention the boxes in the garage. Maybe since I'm so comfy on the sofa, I can finish the first draft of the short story I had originally started with the intention of entering it in the Bloody Words contest - the deadline was May I believe.

Maybe I'll do some homework for my genealogy program.  Caught up on two weeks worth last night. Maybe not. :)

I'll decide while I'm finishing my coffee.

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