Monday, June 3, 2013

My late uncle is still around

I just found out the other day that my uncle, who died in the early 70s, is still in his house. I belong to a facebook page for the town I grew up in.  Someone posted they had read about a house in a book on haunted Ontario. Someone commented that they had a ghost in their house, the previous owner who died in the home. She mentioned the name of the street.  Well, my uncle lived on that street and died in his house, so that caught my attention.  I posted back asking what number the house was. She not only gave the correct house number, but named my uncle by his nick-name - Bun. Apparently he was cute as a bunny according to my grandmother and the name stuck.

Bun's house backed onto the public school.  This women told a story of when she was a child, Bun had passed her some forget-me-nots through the fence. I think that may have been the only contact she had with him when he was alive.  Strange thing about that is, the next day I went to the town's annual street sale, where lots of the vendors hand out bags. After I got home I went through them to dig out the pens and toss the adversiting.  What do I pull out of one bag but a packages of forget-me-not seeds.  How bizarre is that?????

He hasn't been scaring them, but rather comforting the woman when she was upset. Is he a ghost, or a guardian angel?